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What If... could finally understand your body & cycle + build that deep connection you’ve been searching for...

you had total clarity around what it would take to heal your period problems (hormonal acne, pain, mood swings, etc.)... could skip the overwhelm of trying to do “everything right” and have a simple solution to integrate necessary lifestyle changes that WORK...

...without all the confusion, mixed information, and complicated protocols you’ve tried researching & implementing on your own...

HBB is your solution to solve all of this, and more.

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What our students are saying 👇🏻

Here's the problem...

80-90% of women experience period problems… but COMMONNORMAL.

  • They’ve gone most of their life accepting that heavy bleeding, painful cramps, and the occasional hormonal acne breakout is simply part of being a woman!
  • But after shifting into a healthy & more holistic lifestyle, they expect these symptoms to be drastically reduced, if not eliminated altogether. 
  • When their symptoms don’t go away (and sometimes get worse)- they’re left frustrated and confused. Because, let’s face it- they’re doing ‘everything right’! So... why aren’t things changing?
  • They try to find the answers on their own, but get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. Even with all these resources, they can’t find CLEAR guidelines that make sense for their individual situation.

Eventually, they get burnt out. They’re left totally confused about their body, they don’t even know where to start, and they’re stuck in the cycle of: 

cycle symptoms → stressed out by symptoms → more imbalance due to stress//overwhelm → more symptoms

... but it does NOT have to be this way. 

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More student feedback 👇🏻

How it Works:


Extensive video modules + trainings to create an abundant knowledge-base


Weekly action items to take what you learn inside the modules and start applying + integrating into your life



Receive an incredible amount of support through our weekly live calls + unlimited messaging to ensure you stay on track 

Understanding Hormone Disruptors

Uncover WHY your hormones are out of balance in the first place. Learn how to find balance within a toxic environment, how to combat cultural conditioning, and how to sort through and re-write the misinformation you’ve been told about your body & cycle.

The Female Body + Cycle

Learn about the intricate systems of your cycle that make the female body so beautifully complex. Discover the four phases of your cycle, the hormone fluctuations within each phase, and the incredible mind-body connection that holds everything together.

Stress Management

Understand why stress is the biggest hormone disruptor, and how to manage it in a healthy way that WORKS for your unique body and life.

Sleep Regulation

Learn why sleep is so important for hormone balance, & discover how to implement healthy morning and evening routines that will lead to a focused + productive day and the best sleep of your life.

Nutrition & Gut Health

Ditch the “diet” labels and find a way of eating that works best for YOU. Break free from restrictive eating habits & make food fun again! Learn which foods are best eaten during different phases, and which supplements you actually should be taking.

Movement & Metabolism

Break free from exercise myths and find an movement routine that complements your cycle + leaves you with more energy, better results, & more confidence.

Piecing the Puzzle Together

Learn how to use your newfound knowledge to your advantage, + implement key lifestyle changes in a way that feels good and makes sense for your life & unique story. Ditch the constant overwhelm and pressure of trying to do everything right- find total assurance in a brand new lifestyle that will leave you feeling more connected to your body than ever before. Create a system that facilitates LONG-TERM healing & maintains your results for life.

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Watch these video testimonials 👇🏻

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Hello! 👋🏻 I'm Grace Rash- Integrative Hormone Health CoachI founded The Hormone Balance Blueprint because I know what it’s like to feel lost & confused about your body and cycle. After years of hormonal acne, terrible PMS, irregular cycles, low energy, and more- I was tired of feeling like I had no control over my hormones, even though I was taking good care of my health.

I tried talking to my gynecologist, only to be told these things were “normal” and offered a pack of birth control pills...but I knew there had to be a better solution.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about my body, cycle, and hormones in an effort to find the healing I was searching for...

In my search to master everything about holistic hormone healing, I was able to clear my skin, stabilize my mood swings, regulate my cycle, reclaim my energy, and the best part… build a deeper understanding, appreciation, and relationship with my body than ever before.

I wanted to create a program that teaches the signature methodology that has allowed me, and so many others to balance hormones — naturally. That is how The Hormone Balance Blueprint was born!

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